Why Yoodo’s data Add-Ons help you save more

July 25, 2023

Believe it or not, Yoodo Add-Ons don’t add on to your spending. Instead, they help you save BIG while giving you the freedom to use your data, your way.


Not convinced? We gotchu, fam. Let’s break down how our Add-Ons let you save more, yet do more if it’s part of your perfect plan.

Add-On data VS Base Plan data

BUT FIRST, did you know that Add-On data is SEPARATE from your base plan data?

What it means is that your base plan’s data quota is NOT used while you’re using an Add-On. For example, if you have a 20GB YouTube Add-On and you’re watching videos on YouTube, that 20GB is the ONLY data that’s used, while the data from your base plan remains untouched.

Of course, you’ll start using your base plan’s data again once you’ve exhausted all your Add-On data. That would take a long time though!

Save bigtime on time


Since Add-On data buckets and base plan data are separate, that means data congestion is reduced, making your data usage faster and more efficient! Think of it as your data being split into two ‘cars’ and each is moving on a separate data highway. 

So if you wanna be a savage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, for example, get the Add-On for it and you’re less likely to experience ping spikes and lag!


Less data congestion also means your downloads are potentially faster, making you save big time on… well, time!

Save big on bucks


Take a look at our Social Media Add-Ons, which are all only RM3 each for 20GB data buckets. Or how about our 20GB MLBB Add-On, which is only RM1?

With a range of RM1 to RM7, our Add-Ons are extremely affordable. It’s a super accessible way to enjoy more data to binge on your fav apps, without having to increase the data quota on your base plan.

20GB for RM20 is an AWESOME deal for your base plan, BUT if you’re using tons of data on specific apps, just DIY your plan with our Add-Ons! A 40GB base data plan is just RM40, but a 20GB base data plan plus a 20GB TikTok Add-On is even better at only RM23.

We also have many Add-On promos, like our FREE 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-On. There’s always opportunities for you to save even more!

Looking forward to awesome savings? Get started with Yoodo today!