Why Switch To Yoodo If Saving Money is Your 2023 Resolution

February 8, 2023

With a third of the world economy expected to suffer a recession in 2023, financial management will be more crucial than ever.


On average, Malaysians spend hundreds of ringgit per MONTH on tech products and services. Data plans, internet services and apps can even take up roughly half the expenditure.


That’s a lot of added cost that can be shaved off. Fortunately, you can achieve this WITHOUT sacrificing high-speed data, app usage and other tech conveniences.


Keep reading to find out why switching to Yoodo can cut your tech services expenditures by at least half or more!

Legit customisation is legit affordable

No one lets you super save with a personalised plan better than Yoodo. You can go Unlimited or High-Speed, choose your data, voice and SMS quota, and even Booster it up with Add-Ons for your favourite apps (more on this later!). The customisation options are so wide that you can create a mobile plan that matches your lifestyle and budget perfectly. 


Prefer chatting on social apps, for example? You could go lean on your SMS quota or remove it entirely, then select one of our 20GB Social Add-Ons like Telegram or Whatsapp. That’s enough data to spam literally MILLIONS of messages, or tens of thousands in GIFs!


There are countless other ways you can customise your mobile plan, but whatever you choose, we guarantee it’ll be easy for you to do you 😉

Goodbye to bill shocks


Psst, did you know other telco plans may have added features you won’t ever use, yet you pay for them regardless? With Yoodo, we spare you all the unnecessary headache! You can easily enjoy all of Yoodo’s awesomeness in plan customisation to create, tweak, add on, or just about anything under the sun!

Every time you create or tweak your Yoodo plan, any costs for your data, voice, SMS, Add-Ons and more are all clearly stated via the Yoodo App before your purchase is confirmed. Yoodo truly lets you do you, with no setbacks, no hidden charges, and no malicious fine print.

The BEST Mobile Add-Ons in Malaysia

You could save tons by having a bare-bones mobile plan with basic call minutes and some data. OR you could do better with Yoodo and enjoy much more for less! From ONLY RM1, you can upgrade your mobile plan with dedicated data for all the popular Add-Ons you want.


Want to hardcore game anytime, anywhere throughout the month? We gotchu with 20GB Gaming Add-Ons for all the most popular mobile games, from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to Pokémon UNITE. You could even reload more gaming data with a few taps on your Yoodo App, just as quick as typing ‘ggez’.


Or maybe you’d rather Netflix at will. Not a problem with our 20GB Netflix Add-On. With it, watching 10 feature films in high-definition would be a cinch, perhaps even with data to spare! If that ain’t enough, why not grab a Viu Add-On for your fix of Asian entertainment? As we said, you do you!

Guaranteed freebies when you switch to Yoodo


But Yoodo’s Add-Ons don’t end there! Your purchase of a 20GB PUBG Mobile Add-On AND a 20GB Boost Add-On will be totally FREE with any Yoodo Plan. Is 20GB insufficient? Purchase the Add-On Booster for just RM3 each month.


So if someone is asking you which Malaysian telco is worth switching to for the most value, the best answer is Yoodo. 


Ready to customise? Get started with Yoodo now!