Who needs an eSIM?

November 21, 2019

For those of you who’ve managed to miss the memo this far–an embedded SIM or eSIM is a built-in phone chip that functions like the physical SIM you punch out of a plastic card. They’re easy to activate, can store several numbers, and can be used alongside physical SIMs. Right now, Yoodo eSIMs are available for the latest-generation Apple devices. You can check out the full list here.

So do you need an eSIM? In our (completely unbiased) opinion, everyone could use one! But we know these local legends would definitely appreciate having one activated. See if you recognise any of these in your friends, or even in yourself! We’re going on a journey of self-discovery today.


The Hari-Hari Hurry

Whatever it is, you want it now. Good thing we put you at the top of the article, eh? You love speed, hate waiting, and an eSIM is great for you. The instant activation process means you don’t have to wait for the SIM to get posted your way. Just activate and get moving!


The Kaki Travel

There ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no country far enough and no event weird enough to keep you from getting there. You’ve seen new scenes, tasted new foods, boldly gone where no kaki has gone before.


Whoa whoa whoa, not THAT far.

But globetrotter that you are, do you really want to spend time fiddling with your phone, case and pin popping your old SIM in and out while you replace it with a tourist SIM? No need already. Grab a Yoodo eSIM and you can roam on without an extra SIM. (We also have a Melbourne trip for you to win. Just saying.)

The Tauke-to-Be 

You mean business, businessperson. You’re ready to network, connect and direct, and your phone makes it that much easier. But you also want to make sure that your work life and personal life stay nicely separated, thank you very much. Enter the eSIM, which lets you have an extra line just for all your work queries. Now that’s what we call multitasking like a boss. The boss you are.


The Mesti Cuba 

You might not be a sportsperson, but we know you won all the ‘Most Sporting’ awards in school. And you really love trying new things, big and small. Use an eSIM to test run new plans – and then stick with the ones you adore.


The Zero Waster 

You’re living your best and greenest life. Bawa bekal to work/classes, using biodegradable packaging and reusable straws, even walking and taking public transport to save petrol!


So you’ll be happy to know an eSIM involves no plastic nor petrol burned on delivery. Just activate with your phone and email. 

The Contest Lover 

You pride yourself on your passion for prizes. What’s it got to do with our eSIMs, you ask?


Simply activate an eSIM with us and win a pair of Apple Airpods in the I Love eSIM contest! This contest runs until 31 December 2019, and you can find out more about how to join here.

Anyone who wants to do better can grab an eSIM today – and at Yoodo, our credo is always #youdoitbetter!