What is 5G & why getting it is a MUST!

November 1, 2023

If you’re addicted to using data, you should be addicted to 5G. Yet statistics say that most Malaysians haven’t switched to 5G since it became available earlier this year.


If you’re one of these Malaysians, that’s cool! After all, the 4G network is reliable and fast… but what if you could do SO much better? Let us explain how that’s possible with Yoodo’s 5G experience:

But before that… What IS 5G?


5G simply means that it’s the fifth generation of mobile networks. And every time a new generation comes out, it creates a HUGE difference in the way we use data!

The very first generation, 1G, basically allowed cell phones to be used. Although the service wasn’t reliable – dropped calls happened often – 1G basically started the decline of landline phones worldwide.


2G gave us digital voice communication, which improved the quality of calls. The better stability also allowed for SMS! But 3G was when things started getting really awesome, because its network speed made smartphones possible!

Of course, most Malaysians are now on 4G, which has much higher data transfer speeds. With this speed, we can enjoy videos on-the-go with low loading times, or play high quality mobile games.


But what about 5G? It’s MUCH faster than 4G, and that superspeed gives us the power to do things that were previously impossible!

5G is fast. REALLY fast!


Yoodo’s 5G can increase your data speed by TEN TIMES compared to the 4G LTE network. The network capacity is also many times larger, making it so that much more data can be transferred at once.


All of this means that:

  • You can now download movies and large game files in minutes instead of hours!
  • You can enjoy audio and video files in HD without super-long buffer times.
  • The performance and graphics of mobile games can now be even closer to the quality of dedicated gaming consoles.
  • Your data won’t slow down even if TONS of people nearby are connected to the same network!
Experience 5G with Yoodo!

Plenty of telcos offer 5G, so why should you choose Yoodo? That’s easy – a DIY plan is always the best plan! With Yoodo, you can customise your 5G mobile plan EXACTLY the way you want. 

Want 0 SMS? No problem! Want tons of data? Sure, you can just select a 40GB–100GB base data plan and get an extra 25GB for FREE. The best part? Getting this promo means you can also enjoy our 5G Pass for only RM1/mth!

You’re not gonna get a better deal than this elsewhere. So, interested in DIY-ing your perfect plan that’s 10x faster than before? Get started with Yoodo’s 5G Pass now!