We asked our fans to come beraya. This is what happened.

May 24, 2022

What’s Raya without an open house, right?


With that one shining thought in mind, we recently hosted a very special Raya meetup for our community. While we couldn’t treat our fans to Custo’s special rendang (made with extra spicy add-ons, cough), we did meet up with some die-hard fans to chillax, chit-chat and play some games.

rayaevent22 1

Yoodoers, assemble!

rayaevent22 2

Writer A thinks this is a bottle of perfume. Writer B says obviously it’s a grenade. Writer C was not available for comment.

rayaevent22 3

Here’s our gal Ivana playing quizmaster.

rayaevent22 4

A fan showing off their Raya-song-identifying skills.

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giphy 1

Embrace the bro-ness (or else)

And if you’re already a Yoodo user, look sharp – we have a special Borneo meetup coming up! Sign up before 24 May for our special Gawai/Kaamatan bash and bask in all that East Malaysia pride.

giphy 2

Must faster sign up before the deadline!