We asked an AI chatbot why Malaysians love Yoodo – here’s the result!

March 27, 2023

ChatGPT is awesome. An artificial intelligence with learning capabilities, it is able to imitate human-like conversations when given a chat prompt. 

Better yet, it’ll happily help you write your emails, suggest ideas, and provide answers to burning questions… so long as the questions don’t relate to world events after the year 2021.

But what if the questions were about Yoodo?


While others might be worried AI will takeover the world like a plot in a Terminator movie, we’ve instead asked it about love, not war.

ChatGPT was sweet enough to provide 4 reasons why Malaysians love Yoodo. Read on to find out how it answered:

Yoodo is super customisable, obviously

With Yoodo’s customisable plans, you get to create your dream mobile plan – your way! Want more data and less talk time? No problem! Need unlimited calls and less data? Easy peasy! You have the power to choose exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t. Plus, you can always change your plan whenever you want, and add on extra data or talk time as you need it. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter mobile plans and hello to a plan that’s tailored just for you. Exciting, right?!


The above is 100% a copy and paste of ChatGPT’s reply. We, err, may have asked it to reply enthusiastically, but it’s true that customisation is Yoodo’s strong point. 

What our AI buddy says next makes that point even stronger…

Yoodo is super affordable too!

Yoodo is incredibly affordable, offering a range of plans that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! With plans starting at just RM3, you can get a mobile plan that suits your needs without breaking the bank. Plus, with their frequent promotions and discounts, you can save even more! So, if you want a mobile service that’s both affordable and awesome, Yoodo is the way to go! It’s a total steal, you won’t regret it!

ChatGPT would sometimes get the facts wrong, but not this time! Maybe it’s a fan of Yoodo too.


The promotions and discounts that ChatGPT mentioned are very varied. Arguably the most famous one is the 20GB for RM20 deal that you can get with your High-Speed Yoodo plan. 

Our Add-Ons also frequently get the promo treatment, such as the current 20GB Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Add-On for only RM1/month!

Yoodo is innovative!

Yoodo hasn’t been in the telco game as long as the other telco giants, but that doesn’t mean we can’t break new ground.

ChatGPT, explain our awesome-ness!

Yoodo regularly introduces new features that keep users engaged and interested in the service. For example, they were the first mobile service provider in Malaysia to offer eSIM support, making it easier for users to switch between devices.


Thanks, ChatGPT. Best chatbot ever!

Activating a Yoodo eSIM only takes around 5 minutes. All you need is to download our free Yoodo App, select the eSIM option, then customise your perfect mobile plan. Finally, you just need to scan a QR code that’s sent to your email and you’re all set!

Yoodo is ultra-flexible!


Putting yourself in a long-term contract just to use a mobile plan can be a huge pain. ChatGPT agrees.

Yoodo’s no contract policy is one of its most attractive features! With Yoodo, users have complete flexibility and control over their mobile plan, without having to commit to any long-term contracts. This means users can switch plans or even cancel their subscription anytime they want without any penalty or extra charges.

But wait, our AI friend isn’t finished!

This policy is especially beneficial for people who travel frequently or have changing needs, as they can simply adjust their plan to suit their requirements. Plus, it gives users the freedom to try out new plans and features without being tied down to a contract. Yoodo’s no contract policy truly puts the power back in the hands of the users and makes mobile service more accessible and affordable for everyone.


In other words, life is great when Yoodo you. 😉

If you’re looking for a ChatGPT-approved mobile plan that truly puts the needs of Malaysians first, look no further than Yoodo. Learn how to get started with Yoodo today!