Types of WFH personalities

February 1, 2021

The good news is, 2021 is finally here…and the bad news is, we’re all stuck at home again. If you’re reading this, we hope you’re safe and secure where you are, and you get to stay that way until the vaccines start getting rolled out.

In the meantime, a lot of us are continuing to work and meet with colleagues from home. Over the past few months, we’ve noticed specific behaviours pop up. Here’s our list of common work from home personalities we’ve encountered. You might even recognise yourself below!

The Secret Agent


Every time there’s a video call, they’re nowhere to be seen. Sure, they’re there with you. But all you see is a profile picture or a blank silhouette. And when they remain completely silent…it’s double eerie. Possible reasons for this behaviour may include a crappy (non-Yoodo) connection, the lack of a webcam, wanting to stay in sarong that day, or just not feeling like on-ing the webcam. But if this is you…once in a while, please remind us what your face looks like. Or that you have a face.

The Minimalist

giphy 1

This person has the whitest, cleanest walls we’ve ever seen. And absolutely no other furniture visible. Congratulations, Marie Kondo would be super proud. Remind us to ask you for house cleaning tips after this.

The Background Buff

giphy 2

Will they show up on-screen with the company Zoom background? A game wallpaper? Some outdoor scenery? Maybe they’ll just be a floating head in a crocodile’s mouth. Well, at least we all know they’re having fun. And to be honest, so are we.

The Unblinking

giphy 3

When they join the call, they greet everyone by smiling and look into the camera. And looking. And looking. And looking. We know you’re paying close attention…but remember to blink occasionally too.

The Passed-By Pro

giphy 4

Whether or not they have a virtual background on, one thing remains the same: lots of random people flashing past behind their setup. We’re pretty sure they’re people, unless you live in a particularly…er…keras area. It might be noisy and a little chaotic back there, but one thing’s for sure: we know they’re not lonely.

The Perfectly Prepared

giphy 5

These on-point operators show up early for every meeting. Their clothes are on fleek, their skin glows, they look into the camera JUST the right amount, they speak slowly and clearly, AND they always have something constructive to contribute. We’re either impressed, jealous or both. It’s both.


giphy 6

You’re our favourite. Nuff said.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Have fun identifying all these and more during your next meeting or video call! And if you love people-watching as much as we do, Yoodo video chat add-ons are here to help you stay in touch over Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams. Get 20GB per app for just RM5/month per Add-on before Mar 31 2021!