Top 5 things we all did better together

December 22, 2020

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, but we got through it safely together! 

Seriously. Just when you think the worst is over, the next month arrives with something new. We’ve had a plague (ok, fine) pandemic, earthquakes, floodings, explosions, and honestly, we’ve lost count of everything else that has happened already.

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But you know what they say, kan? When things get tough, it only means that we’re levelling up! (But calm down, universe, we don’t all have to level up that fast). Joke aside, we couldn’t have made it through the worst and best bits of the year without you! So, give yourself a pat on the back! We’d love to do it for you, but you know…#SocialDistancing.

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Before we begin our journey through the best bits of 2020, we just want to make a shout out to all of you! Y’alls the real MVPs and our motivation to do better in serving you. In case you missed it, we were awarded the Best Mobile Virtual Network Operator of 2020 by PC.Com. Thank you for pushing us to keep doing better.

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Ok, so drum roll, please! Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what we did #better together this 2020.

We launched the Unlimited plan 

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Yes, we know. We went back on our word and launched an unlimited plan! We’re sorry ? We really just wanted to serve you better. But we stuck to what we’re good at and made it customisable. So, you can enjoy unlimited without having to spend on the unnecessary stuff! 

We met the 2020 Monster 

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No, we’re not talking about 2020. We’re talking about Yoodo’s 2020 Monster. You know, the one we actually like? He brought along the gift of 20GB for just RM20! Sadly, we had to say goodbye to him just a while ago. Like all heroes, he’s needed elsewhere at the moment. We’ll keep an eye out for his return.

No class pass, but got Power Pass lah

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We can’t improve your class attendance, but we got the juice for those late-night crunch times (or game nights)! Did you feel the power in your hands with 100GB data for just RM2? We sure did! Once you go HD, you can never go back to 720p. Really, you should try it. 

We all love Double Special

yoodo doublespecial edm Inapp

Whether it’s the Indomee order at the mamak or Yoodo’s Double Special! The more, the better, kan? And obviously, lagi best when you get two times more of what you asked for! Enjoy double data with every purchase of 5GB and above in your monthly plan. Why say no to free data? Cuba try update your plan to enjoy free data now!

Last but not least, we had a #VirtuaLepak sesh with over 2,000 of you!

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Sure, we may not have been able to host an on-ground event. But you guys showed up when we called for you in our #VirtuaLepak Community Day 2020! Distance makes the heart grow fonder *wink wink* But yeah, we gotta admit. Having some social interaction (and face time) with all of you made social distancing a lot easier. 

2020 may not have been the year we were all expecting, but it sure taught us a lot about what it means to be together. Sometimes, that means having to stay apart just for a little bit. But really, it’s not all doom and gloom. Let’s take a step back and see how far we’ve come together in Yoodo’s 2020 Rewind! ‘Til then, stay safe, folks!