Things to give you #MalaysiaFeelings

September 15, 2020

In these trying times, we as Malaysians…eh chup, sorry, wrong script. Where were we?


Right. Any time of year is a good time to remind ourselves of the many good things we share as Malaysians, but it’s even more important now as COVID-19 and other troubles keep us apart. So instead of focusing on the exact colour of the world going up in flames, please take a moment with us to remember the little things that make you go: ah, yes, being Malaysian is really the best-lah.

1. Rice for any meal of the day


Bored? Not us. Not when you can do so many things with this wonderful staple. Whether it’s nasi lemak in the morning, banana leaf rice for lunch, or chap fan for dinner, rice is always welcome on our tables. Some might even say a meal without rice isn’t a meal at all!

2. All the ways you can order kopi

giphy 1

A Malaysian is never shy to customise. Probably because we’ve all gotten used to it at the neighbourhood kopitiam or mamak! Want your coffee black? Can. Less ice in your sirap? Also can. Tea with condensed milk, no sugar, more ice, in a little bag to go? Sure caaaaaan.

3. Food indecision

giphy 2

So much good food, so little stomach. The question “where to eat?” can easily spawn a 30-minute debate on the charms of char kuay teow vs. laksa. You may also have to decide what kind of laksa, because if there’s one thing Malaysians love, it’s their state specialties (we even wrote about them last month ???)

(And if you miss your hawkers, support them by tapau-ing food directly from the stalls when you can. Help our aunty-uncle-pakcik-makciks keep going strong!)

4. Strong Malaysian flavours (and opinions)

Durian. Petai. Jering. Tempoyak. Budu. We could go on, but we see some of you looking like you want to pengsan already. And for every person making a face, there’s another one ready to chow down.

giphy 3

Nikmat wei.

Everyone has an opinion over our strong-smelling superstars, and…you also want to spring them on any non-Malaysian, non-Southeast Asian guests you might have. Whether this is because you want to make some new fans, or just see them make weird faces…well, we won’t judge either way.

5. That fear of lipas terbang

giphy 4

Don’t make us fly over here!

OK, some of us are cool with cockroaches wandering around. But when they take to the air, all bets are off. Very few Malaysians will suffer a flying cockroach to live! Speaking of which, we have a petition that you can sign (and also win neat Yoodo goodies for your trouble).

6. The complain game

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good grumble session? The weather is too hot, there’s too much rain, durians are too expensive, somebody made a fool of themselves online…we could go on. There’s a lot to complain about in Malaysia. However. Anyone outside of Malaysia who grumbles gets a solid wave of national pride in return. Because, you see, only we are allowed to complain about Malaysia. Everyone else can sit down diam-diam.

giphy 5

7. Our very big, very colourful family

Despite the loud, hateful voices out there, most of us know that we have a family that’s bigger than ourselves. We can rely on our friends from all races and creeds, and we’d give freely to help them too. Because after all, kitorang one family!

giphy 6

It’s uplifting the best things about Malaysia, fighting for positive change together, and showing negative sentiments the door that makes our nation a home we can be proud of. Keep on standing up for each other – and Selamat Hari Malaysia!

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