Save up to RM500 a year on your telco plan!

November 30, 2022

It’s common to be frustrated by pre-set telco plans that charge a premium for gimmicks and features you barely use (why would you need unlimited SMS anyway?).


Also, with inflation and price hikes everywhere you look, let’s be honest… we’re all finding ways to cut our expenses. Well, here’s good news for you! You can save a megaton just by making the switch to Yoodo. Here’s 5 ways you can save on your telco plan with Yoodo.

Get EXACTLY what you pay for


Not a fan of SMS? You could tweak your Yoodo plan accordingly and instead invest into more data or voice calls.

Do pre-set plans provide too little or too much data? Switch to Yoodo and customise your plan to have anywhere between 20GB to 200GB. 


With Yoodo, your call minutes, data and SMS can be perfectly tailored to your smartphone usage and habits! Pretty rad, huh?

Zero bill shocks

Unlike other plans that may have hidden service charges, everything about your Yoodo plan is customised exactly on your own terms. There won’t be any ninja-like hidden costs that would suddenly ambush your wallet, we promise!


For example, you could customise your Yoodo plan to have 20GB of data, 100 minutes of voice calls and a YouTube Add-On, which amounts to exactly RM32. No more, no less. All the customisation options and its resulting price tag will be made as crystal clear as the waters of Redang Island.

Shave on spending without shaving quality


A higher price point doesn’t necessarily mean more quality. You can experience a customised Yoodo plan from as low as RM3 without losing out on value.

Great coverage? Check. Dedicated data buckets? Double check. High-speed data? Triple check! Your connectivity stays amazing and you save RM20 or even more per month compared to other, similar plans. Also worth noting that Yoodo is on the widest 4G LTE network in Malaysia!

You can still enjoy the perfect mobile plan, without it costing more than a nice dinner for a family of four.

Super value with Add-Ons

It isn’t true customisation if you could only tweak your voice, data and SMS. You may want even more data for smooth buffering of YouTube videos, or hours upon hours of uninterrupted gaming on PUBG Mobile. No matter your preferences, Yoodo has all manner of dedicated data buckets for socials, gaming and more, all from as low as RM1! 


Add-Ons allow you to make your Yoodo plan truly your own, and none of the options force you to break the bank.

Want to experience a super-saving mobile plan that is legit unlimited and legit customisable? Make the switch to Yoodo now! Order a Yoodo SIM to get started.