Renew Anytime 101

March 18, 2020

Nobody likes a wait – whether it’s for the bathroom, the next paycheck, that hot concert, or even your next billing cycle, so you can tweak your plan and start evaluating (or enjoying) its benefits. We’re only human. Sometimes you just want a thing now.


We can’t change the bathroom queue, your boss or the speed of time, but renewing your mobile plan? Now that, we can do something about.

Introducing Renew Anytime

We’re rolling out a new future called Renew Anytime that lets you renew your 30-day base plan any time, anywhere. Whether your plan is due to renew in 29 minutes or 29 days, we’re giving you the power to call the shots.

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It’s great to activate when there’s a promo you want to immediately take advantage of, or a new add-on you gotta have, or…really any reason at all. Use Renew Anytime to restart your billing cycle or switch to a completely new Base Plan whenever you choose!

What you can carry over

Remember, to renew your plan is to start over completely fresh. Bear in mind that using Renew Anytime will overwrite:

  • your remaining Data/Voice/SMS quotas
  • any free add-ons claimed from Yoodo rewards
  • Boosters
  • activation bonuses
  • Power Passes (1 hour-only hi-speed Data passes. Oh, did we mention we have those now too?)

You will be able to carry over

  • Roam Like Home passes
  • IDD minutes

These have their own expiry dates built in, and will not be affected by your plan renewal.

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How to use Renew Anytime

To start renewing, make sure you’ve updated your app to the latest version, and then follow these instructions:

  1. Click ‘Change’ on your Yoodo App homescreen
  2. Click on ‘Change Plan’
  3. Customise the plan that you want
  4. Confirm the plan that you have customized
  5. After confirming, you will be given the option to ‘Change plan now’ or ‘Change plan in # days’ (where # is the number of days left in your current plan).
  6. If you choose to renew now, you have to acknowledge that all your remaining Data/Voice/SMS will be forfeited.

Renew Anytime goes live from March 17 2020 onwards, so enough waiting – it’s time to take even more control over your mobile plan!

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