OMG, you can enjoy FREE 84GB in a year!

September 21, 2023

It’s frustrating when your data runs out when you least expect it. That happens surprisingly often – after all, we Malaysians LOVE gaming at the mamak, binging videos during LRT rides & chatting with the geng at 3am.


You could just top up more data in a couple minutes, easy peasy. But it’s even more convenient if you can get it for FREE! Here’s how to get a ton of data – 84GB in ONE YEAR – just by switching to Yoodo:

BUT FIRST, Let’s Talk About BONUS7!

BONUS7 is a super special promo exclusive to NEW Yoodo users. By activating the promo, you’ll enjoy 7GB a month for 12 months straight, absolutely FREE!


With a total of 84GB, you can basically enjoy dozens of hours of HD streaming, or play your fav mobile games for several thousand hours. All without spending a sen.

Activating BONUS7!


To emphasise, you need to be COMPLETELY NEW to Yoodo to be eligible for this promo!

First you’ll need to download the Yoodo App, sign up an account, then order your first ever Yoodo SIM. Do note that the SIM delivery is free of charge!

Now you’ll just need to subscribe to a minimum 20GB high-speed data plan then activate auto-renewal.

Step by step to Refer 2 Earn

First you’ll need to fire up your Yoodo app. Make sure your app is running on the latest version!

If that’s all good, go to ‘’Account’ on the lower right of your screen, then click ‘Invite Friends’. You’ll then be able to share your unique invite link as well as unique code with all your buddies.

Make sure your auto-renewal stays on for 12 billing cycles from your SIM’s activation date. Of course, we recommend you use a credit/debit card as your default payment method.

But don’t worry, you can DIY a SUPER affordable Yoodo plan, since 20GB is ONLY RM20!

And that’s it! You can now immediately enjoy your free 7GB every month. This promo will only last till 31 October 2023 though, so make sure you activate your plan before that!

Time To Break Up With Your Telco!

Is your current telco not treating you right? Then consider starting a new relationship with Yoodo. Unlike your soon-to-be ex telco, we actually care about YOU.