Local TikToks that made admin go LOL

November 2, 2021

When the days are long and grey, and the time to clock out is far, far away…your friendly admins aren’t immune to a little distraction.


Yes, yes, we play TikTok like everyone else. And why wouldn’t we? It brightens our day to see your cat clips, dalgona recipes and dance-offs.

Since we’re big on sharing, we thought we’d share some of the clips that made us split our sides with our lovely audience. Here we go:

“Balak ko mane?”

Waliao, no need to be catty sis…

Our kinda gal

Hey Mimi, wanna game together sometime?

Manny goes to Squid University

Relax, bro, the guards don’t shoot you unless you fail your exams. You…you are passing your exams, right?

Emo tiger

Sabar je kawan.

Can’t stop the beat

To be fair, admin is also not immune to dance music…(What would make you bust a move in Roshan’s place? Let us know online!)

Yuki steals snacks

Aiyo, all those chips wasted.

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Stretch those creative muscles now…and good luck, TikTokers!