Let’s Take A Look At The NEW Apple iPhone 15!

October 18, 2023

Appleheads are probably going crazy over the new Apple iPhone 15! But for those who are NOT Appleheads, would it be worth grabbing this new flagship?


Let’s do a quick breakdown on the specs so you can decide if the iPhone 15 is worth your time and money.

Dynamic Island is no longer “Pro”!


The Dynamic Island is a display option at the top of your iPhone’s home screen or active app. It’s basically a cooler, highly customizable notifications center! You can use it to view live activities that are in progress, such as an active Voice Memo recording, or check it for other smartphone alerts.  


This feature was originally available only on the Pro models, but now the iPhone 15 has it too! The smartphone also boasts a notably enhanced maximum brightness when compared to previous models, so that’s definitely a strong advantage!

The camera’s 48MP!


Yep, even the camera’s got an upgrade. 48MP brings the iPhone 15 closer to Pro model performance yet again! This feature also includes a new 24MP default camera resolution for photos and 4K video at 60fps with HDR. That’s super sweet if you’re a TikToker or just love recording!

But what about the processing chip?


The iPhone 15 sports a new A16 Bionic chipset, though this isn’t the most cutting edge chipset Apple currently has. That being said, the latest Apple A17 Pro chip does have some known issues with thermal-throttling. 

So it’s arguably a blessing in disguise that the iPhone 15 doesn’t use this! The A16 Bionic is stable and reliable, so there’s no real room for complaints!

iPhone 15, now on USB Type-C!


Not an upgrade nor a downgrade, but this switch means that you might need to change some cables you own if you’re interested in the iPhone 15. But hey, Type-C isn’t uncommon, so it won’t be too much of a hassle to make the swap!

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