How to become the next Yoodo Quiz Night champ

July 8, 2020

Our Yoodo Quiz Nights are off to a flying start online! Every Thursday night we’re going live on Facebook with general knowledge and Malaysia-related trivia questions, so everyone has a chance to score a limited-edition Yoodo Quiz Night T-shirt and up to RM30 in Yoodo credit.

If you’re hungry for a win, we’ve got a few tips to get you started:

Be curious

It helps to get excited about the world. What’s this? What’s that? How does the other thing work? What you get hyped about, you retain.


Play favourites

There’s no harm in having a specialty field when it comes to trivia. Read up on the things you like and see where things take you.

giphy 11

Keep up with the world

There will always be new facts to play with and new questions to ask. Keep an eye on the news to see what’s relevant here and now.

giphy 12

Practice, practice, practice

Train up for the real thing by watching trivia-based game shows like Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, or play online quizzes from Sporcle or similar sites. Pick up some interesting knowledge along the way, and you’ll be ready for anything.

giphy 13

Go beyond memorizing

Straight up memorizing facts can burn you out. A more efficient way to do it is to analyze what you know, and make connections to help retain information.

giphy 14

Focus on the important information

Careful, the quizmaster might try and trip you up. Look and listen very carefully to both questions AND answers to see what the correct solution might be.

giphy 15

Pakat with your smart friends

Two minds are better than one! You might want to pool resources with your friends to check your answers against each others, or share your specialist knowledge (see tip 2). If one of you wins, they get to belanja the rest of the gang.

giphy 16

Eat/hydrate before the show

Don’t leave your brain running on empty! Make sure you’ve had something to eat or drink before tuning in to win.

giphy 17

Trust your gut

When all else fails, follow your instincts as you engage in a skill each one of us surely remembers from childhood…the art of tembak. Let your gut feeling lead you to an answer that sounds or feels correct!

giphy 18

Have fun!

Now that you’re all prepped, gear up for Quiz Night every Thursday night in July! You just might be the next champ to walk away with a snazzy limited-edition Yoodo T-shirt and up to RM30 in credit to boot. You don’t even need to be a Yoodo user to win, so tell your friends (and convince ‘em to switch to the cool side)!

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