How far can RM10 go in 2021?

October 4, 2021

Picture for a moment that you wake up in the morning, open your wallet/purse/tabung/Milo tin, and find…a brand new RM10 note inside.

sep 1

Hmmm, don’t remember putting that in there.

Of course, any money is good money, and we’re all trying to stretch our budgets as far as possible (even if only because it’s a pain to go to the bank again). So if you need some suggestions on what you can do with your little red friend besides paying your bills, we’ve come up with a few suggestions:

Have a cry-fest with 1kg of onions

sep 2

Purchase a ridiculous amount of onions. Peel them. Let the tears flow. Crying helps to relieve pent up stress, releases endorphins (really, there’s research), and remove stress hormones and toxins from the body. If you really don’t feel like mopping the floor after, this is also a good time to test out all the no-tears tips the Internet has to offer (our writer favours a sharp knife, cold onions, and peeling them underwater)

Oh, and don’t throw the onions away after…we promise they’ll be useful.

Draw your own 24-hour comic

With some new pens, paper and a little creativity, you too can be a comic artist!

sep 3

October 2 is 24-Hour Comics Day, an annual celebration of comic creation, where artists produce a 24-page comic book story in 24 hours. Anything goes, from your fantasy epic to a picture diary of your day. Flex those creative muscles and maybe discover the talent you never knew you had.

Support your fave hawker


Help out your favourite hawkers just by getting lunch (or dinner, or tea). If your favourite local business doesn’t already offer direct delivery, you can look them up on Grab, FoodPanda or these other regional services:


Indulge in a cheap mask or facial

Self care, friends, self care!

sep 2 1

Take five minutes to get a simple sheet mask or scrub online or from a nearby pharmacy, then give yourself a tiny spa break. Just remember to remove the mask before you say hi to the next delivery person.

Donate it to a good cause

sep 6

Pass it around!

Even if you don’t need that RM10 right now, someone else could put it to good use. Consider donating to a cause that’s close to your heart, whether it’s for animal welfare, women’s rights, or helping underprivileged children. They’re all good! We don’t judge here.

Buy some ice cream

unnamed 1

Oi, stop dancing and let us eat you!

After all, who doesn’t love ice cream? Unless it’s cold and rainy…not that it stops some of us. But if ice cream and thunderstorms don’t mix for you, try our next suggestion…

Make some soup

NOW you can use all those onions you peeled at the top of the article.

sep 2


Chuck in some bones, some meat, some veg, some spices…and drink up. There’s almost nothing that soup can’t make better.

sep 8

Fold origami stars

More fidgety than usual after MCO round whatever? Bring some focus and mindfulness back into your life by folding origami stars. You can get the paper strips for these online or make your own, and when you’re done you can thread them or fill jars with them for some colourful decoration.

sep 9

Run your aircon for 2 hours a day for a month

According to TNB’s home tariffs, RM10 will get you about 2 hours of aircon time for 30 days. Then again, you could just blast it for 2 days straight and pretend you’re on winter vacation.

sep 1 1

As long as you don’t end up like this…

Purchase our new 12-hour Power Pass and do whatever you want online

When all of these fail and you just want to escape online, there’s always the good old Yoodo Power Pass. And now we have a brand new RM10 Pass just for Yoodo users!

sep 4

Get 100GB data for 12 hours at just RM10 all the way to December 31 2021! After this promo ends, the 12-hour Power Pass will be on sale for RM15 – but it will still be there when you want to binge Netflix, download some new games, or just stretch out that sweet, sweet data your way.

What’s your favourite thing to do with RM10? Let us know on our social media!