Here’s why you’ve got to get our Yoodo eSIM

May 23, 2023

Yo, is that a physical SIM inside your smartphone? It’s high time to embrace the trend and go digital!


Here are 3 BIG reasons why getting a Yoodo eSIM and saying goodbye to physical SIMs is the smart choice.

You cannot damage or lose an eSIM


Slotting a physical SIM into a smartphone can be super mafan. If you manage multiple phone numbers and mobile plans across several physical SIMs, you’re probably going to be opening your SIM tray a LOT.

And every time you do, you’re wasting time and risking damage to your SIM.


Meanwhile, eSIM are built-in phone chips. They’re literally part of your smartphone, which makes them significantly more heat and water resistant.

It also can’t be stolen unless you lose your entire smartphone. But even if that does happen…

Regaining what you lost is much easier with eSIM


Here’s great news – if you cannot swap out an eSIM, anyone who steals your smartphone can’t either. This is why eSIM-compatible smartphones are much easier to track if they’re lost. After all, no one can easily take away your SIM or change the number.

That’s not the only plus point. If you end up getting a new eSIM-compatible smartphone to replace the one you lost, reactivating your old mobile plan – or activating a new one – takes just minutes with Yoodo!

Forget having to get a physical SIM. Heck, you don’t even need to change your phone number. All you need is a quick download of the Yoodo App, and you can set up everything in the time it takes to make coffee.

One eSIM > multiple physical SIMs


If you’re the type that has two smartphones – one for work and the other for personal use – well, we’ve a much better solution. Did you know one eSIM can do the job of multiple physical SIMs, easy peasy?

You can have multiple phone numbers and several mobile plans, all managed on a single eSIM. You can switch between your personal and professional numbers seamlessly, all on one smartphone.


Not only do you save a TON, you also don’t need to think about wasting time swapping SIMs, even when you’re traveling internationally.

Why bother with super expensive travel SIMs that you’ll only use once? Instead, you could get a Roam Like Home package from only RM5/day with your Yoodo eSIM.

There’s not a single thing that physical SIMs do better than an eSIM. So save your time, energy and money. 

You’ve absolutely zero to lose by embracing greater ease with fully digital connectivity. Enjoy the eSIM experience with Yoodo now!