Here’s Why You Should Experience 5G With Yoodo

February 23, 2023

5G is finally in Malaysia! While coverage is currently limited during this early rollout, you’d be crazy to ignore the fastest, most efficient mobile network available. Feel free to check out the 5G coverage area now!

(Source: KL Gadget Guy)

If you’re still on the fence, let us tell you why switching to 5G will be the best decision you’ll make in 2023 to take your mobile plan to the next level:

It’s faster than 4G… MUCH faster!


In fact, 5G boasts 10 TIMES the speed compared to the previous 4G. The average 4G download speed is up to 10 megabytes per second, which means 5G would typically clock a whopping 100 megabytes per second!


Does your favourite app need a massive update that once took 30 minutes or more to download? Forget that, now you could hit the download button, brew a quick cup of coffee, and your app will be ready by the time you’re sipping that caffeine.


With such speeds, you’ll be spending far less time waiting, and more time doing your socials, streaming and gaming! Yoodo you, fam😎

1,000x more connection ‘highways’!


Imagine that your data travels through a highway. The more data congesting that highway, the slower that data moves. 


This means that if there are too many devices transferring data through the same highway, the more likely your connection is going to suffer.


5G has its connection highways MULTIPLIED by 1,000 times compared to the older 4G, which results in a drastic decrease in data traffic.


You’ll end up with a far smoother and more stable connection. You could also easily connect multiple devices through 5G without your data speed dropping at all!

Improved response times!


You know what’s more important than information? The speed in which that information travels! In that regard, 5G is the best currently available.


With response times improved by FIVE times over 4G, you can send and receive messages – as well as other types of information – faster than ever before.


No more sending a Whatsapp and wondering why there’s a single tick to your messages for 20 minutes!

Enjoy super smooth gaming!


The fastest speeds and smooth data traffic also mean extremely low latency during your mobile gaming sessions.


Your control inputs during games will be practically instantaneous! Weird jitters and sudden connection loss will also be drastically reduced. The last thing you want while having fun is to rage quit mid-match.


Conclusion? Get 5G and much more of your games will end with a GG.

A truly customisable 5G experience!


By now you might be thinking, couldn’t you enjoy everything mentioned with other telcos?


Sure, but Yoodo not only offers 5G, it’s combined with a truly customisable mobile plan! Tweak your data, calls, SMS and Add-Ons, then enjoy everything you selected at 10x speeds.


Better yet, you can get the FREE trial for 5G until further notice.


What if you’re outside 5G’s currently limited range? Easy, you can easily switch to the widest 4G coverage in Malaysia with Yoodo!

Activate your FREE 5G Trial now!

Want to try out 5G with Yoodo? All it takes is 3 easy steps!


Make sure you choose High-Speed data, then get at least 10GB. Next, don’t forget to toggle the ‘5G Trial Pass’ option. Finally, you just need to confirm your new Yoodo plan and you’ll be all set! Do note that the free 5G Trial Pass is only available for Android, though iOS compatibility is coming soon!

Ready to experience 5G the Yoodo way? Get started now.