Here’s Why Extending Your Validity With Yoodo Is AWESOME!

September 27, 2023

A Yoodo plan is GREAT, but extending its validity period makes it the GREATEST! Why? Because bigger, better savings are always super rad.


Now the discounts you enjoy for extending your validity with us can be even better now! Here’s why:

More options for extending your validity!

Once upon a time, your Yoodo plan could only stay valid for 30 days max. But no longer!


Now you have the option to extend it by up to 180 days! Of course, the longer you extend it, the more savings you get.

A 90-day validity period will give you 5% off your Yoodo plan. But a 180-day validity period will give you a full 10% discount!

Want those sweet, sweet savings? Here’s what YOU DO:

Step 1:

First, head to your Yoodo app! You’ll need to subscribe for a High-Speed plan that’s a minimum of RM30 per month. 

It HAS to be a High-Speed plan, since the validity doesn’t apply for Unlimited plans, so take note!

Step 2:

Then start by DIY-ing a plan as per usual. You could grab our super awesome 20GB for RM20 promo, then select a few of our affordable Add-Ons too.

Choose whatever you like, but we recommend a 20GB YouTube Add-On or the 20GB TikTok Add-On if you LOVE binging on videos like most Malaysians do!

Step 3:

Once you’re happy with your plan, tap on ‘Customise Your Validity’ and use the slider to select how long you’d like your validity period to be.

Remember, the longer you choose to stay with us, the more you’ll save!

Step 4:

Now all that’s left is to click ‘Next’, then confirm your purchase!

The final, BONUS step is to simply enjoy peace of mind from knowing your Yoodo plan is already paid for in advance.

Can’t wait to DIY your validity plan? Then get started with Yoodo today!