Customizing your Raya celebrations

May 21, 2020

While the MCO has been relaxed slightly, interstate travel is still a no-no – which means no balik kampung this year, to keep vulnerable family members safe.


(Dendang Perantau plays softly in the background)

For those of us who don’t usually host the big family get-togethers, just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the Aidilfitri experience and excitement in a different way. If you’re feeling a little blue about being #TeamRayaNotYourKampung this year, here are some ways to get into that Raya mood:

The kuih Raya

If you have the ingredients and time, hit the kitchen with your family and make your favourite traditional cakes, tarts and treats. If you don’t, now’s a great time to order from small businesses and help them stay afloat.

giphy 1

You might want to add your own twist on things, too – we recently found out that roll-type pineapple tarts were the brainchild of someone who improvised with their pastry circles. Who knows, you might just start a tasty trend!

giphy 2

That or a funny family story.

The rumah Raya

Roll up those sleeves, friends, it’s time to get cleaning and decorating. You’ll feel better doing something and freshening up your living spaces. Pull out the once-a-year cushion covers, antimacassars (you know…those…lace things…on the backs of your chairs) and any bits of special occasion decor. It is, after all, a special occasion, and you deserve to feel like it.

giphy 3

The baju Raya

Shout out to all of you who got their festive fashions in Real Early this year. You all the real MVPs.

It’s time to get creative: mix and match your 2019 baju Raya into a new ensemble, swap clothes with your siblings (if you’re similar sizes, of course) or…and this is crucial…do your last-minute shop while practicing social distancing. Wear a mask, sanitise your hands, and keep a safe 2m away from other customers. And of course, give those clothes a wash before you wear them!

giphy 4

And with a little luck, you can still be sedondon!

The keluarga Raya

We may be far apart, but we think family should be together during Aidilfitri. So even if you can’t go home, call home. There’s nothing quite like hearing a friendly voice down the line, so even if you’re sending out those Raya forwards #likeaboss, definitely call up your family and friends to greet them and share stories.

giphy 5

They’re waiting. For you.

The duit Raya

Call your relatives. Ask for their forgiveness. Then send them your bank accounts and tell them to pick one. Who, you, mercenary? Never. You’re just making it as easy as possible to receive your elders’ blessings.

giphy 6

Well, we tried.

P.S. to all the married people: Expect to be using your banking app a lot in the first few days of Raya…

The rumah terbuka Raya

If they cannot come to your open house, bring the open house to them. Host an online bash! Everyone can get together for a watch party, just to chit-chat, or have a virtual meal together. This, friends, is one of the things our 1GB free Data initiative was made for.

giphy 1 1

Let’s all be together…at least 2m apart.

None of us have celebrated a Raya quite like this before, and with some care and vigilance, we hopefully won’t have to do it again. But for this year, keep your spirits up and remember we’re all in this together. The spirit of celebration is something that will never change. Selamat Hari Raya from all of us at Yoodo, and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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