Admin cried last September because of what these Yoodo fans said…

October 7, 2021

We asked one little question and we got to see a side of our fans you don’t usually show us. Read on for our favourite examples that got us laughing in the office (and by the office we mean our kitchens/living rooms…)

There there min, don’t cry

(It’s so nice to have such caring fans…no no of course we’re not crying, it’s all these onions…)

Kipas susah mati


Min is sus

Everyone loves futsal

Watch party time

We’re all coming to lepak at your house now

And then there are those who know *exactly* what they want

So when you see your dear admin/s posting questions…feel free to answer! We promise we don’t bite, and who knows…your feedback might net you something cool in the future 😀