8 reasons to check out our new app

April 20, 2022

We love helping Malaysians do it better. Recently we decided that for you to do it better…we also had to do it better!

we went to work loochy

We’ve just released a better, shinier new version of our mobile app, a.k.a. your gateway to everything and anything Yoodo. So now’s your chance to enjoy the perks that come with the new kid in town:

A brand new look

We’ve polished, buffed, waxed and sanitised—no wait, sorry, that’s from one of our side hustles…


Pay’s good and I’ve never been fitter. —Writer Q

…ahem. What we were actually going to say is that the app now has a new icon, a new look, and even a new Dark Mode (Account >> Settings). We’ve also added an App Tour to show you around the new bits, so don’t be shy, come and try!


Eeeeverything looks better in black.

A clearer home screen


Now it’s even easier to review your plans and Add-Ons, grab a Power Pass for some fast data, or even check out exclusive promos for Yoodo users!


(We’ve also added a link to our Shopee page if you feel like flaunting your fandom for Malaysia’s customisable digital telco. Just saying.)

Easier plan changes


Pick a preset plan, tweak your own killer combo, or give your quotas a little bump when you’re running out. You can do it all in just a few clicks.

Butter-smooth payment


Manage your payment methods and Yoodo Wallet quickly and efficiently in the dedicated Payment tab. You can now pay for your plan with your debit/credit card, online payment platform or e-wallet of your choice.


Also, the tab will even track your transaction history so you can remind yourself not to buy another Add-On juuuust before your plan renews. What, was that just us? ?

Surprise promo codes!


Oh savings, our one true love. Now you can enjoy even more of them! Look out for promo codes online (or in your notifications) and use them to get discounts when you boost your plan.

Easier line management


Tap ‘Manage Lines’ at the top of your dashboard to order/activate a new SIM, or rename, terminate, suspend or order replacement SIMs for up to 5 existing Yoodo lines. Remember to also rename your lines, if it helps you keep track of what’s what!

Help now more…helpful


The Help tab has leveled up with quick links to FAQs, our Community forums, Live Chat and coverage checkers. You can also view your help history under My Issue Reports, in case you need to refer to any chat transcripts or procedures.

It just…does it better

In summary, we’ve brought you a fresh new experience that’s easier to use, comes with more functions, and looks like a dream. We hope you enjoy it!

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Go download it now if you haven’t already (iOS here, Android here and Huawei here) and welcome to the future where you do it better…with your sidekick the Yoodo app