8 Podcasts you gotta binge

June 29, 2020

Look, we know some of us had big plans over the MCO: read all the books, binge all the series, the whole lot. But then it actually happened and our brains promptly went…splat.

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Nooo! Come back, delicious brains!

But that’s still OK! If you’re not in a great frame of mind to read or watch new things, maybe you can still chill with podcasts. We’ve picked out a few, so everyone gets something they might click with:

If you love a good chill: Malam Seram

Hosted by veteran content creator KC Champion, Malam Seram blends chilling tales with thrilling viral topics. Learn about Jakarta’s most haunted street, jinns in cars and spooky toilets in the heart of KL’s swankiest malls. Our only tip: maybe don’t tune in when your lights are all turned off…

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If you want to stay up to date – Global News Podcast 

2020 has been grim wherever you are in the world, to say the least. But it’s still important to know what’s going on out there.


Listen to the latest news and analysis from the BBC World Service, twice a day on weekdays and daily on weekends. That’s a sufficient amount of news for everyone, we think.

If you miss mamak chats – Jinnyboy’s Mamak Sessions

What’s better than a late night mamak sesh with all your friends? Unending cups of teh tarik, plates of goreng, roti tisu the size of–ok, ok, we’ll stop.

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If you’re pining for those long and wonderful nights, the next best thing might be Jinnyboy’s Mamak Sessions. Jinnyboy and pals get together and chat about current events, recent achievements by Malaysians, and other interesting topics. Sit yourself down with a drink and some Maggi goreng, and feel a little normal again.

If you chase inspiration – TED Talks Daily

Some people get knocked down and stay knocked down. Not you, though. You’re looking for new things to learn, new people to know, new worlds to explore. For you, how about TED Talks Daily? Learn about a new topic from a new expert every weekday. It’s like sitting down with a new genius roommate every day, and you never have to bug them to clean the bathroom or stop eating your snacks.

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If you love behind-the-scenes goss – Dissect

Straight outta Spotify Studios comes Dissect, the podcast that breaks down your favourite music albums one song at a time. They recently finished going through Lemonade, so all of y’all in the Beyhive better start tuning in!

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If you love local voices – KITA

KITA! is, well, what it says on the tin: a local podcast about us. Let an assortment of local artists and writers take you away on a sea of stories, poetry and music. While this short local podcast wrapped up after 10 episodes, we still love the many voices it’s introduced us to.

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If you love random facts – No Such Thing As A Fish

We do mean random facts. Every week BBC show writers Dan Schreiber, James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna Ptaszynski get together to discuss the best trivia they’ve dug up, from the incident that forced the Large Hadron Collider to shut down, to what the Aztecs used obsidian knives for.

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If you can’t get to sleep – Get Sleepy

This calming podcast will help you relax and end your day with guided sleep meditation and a calming bedtime story. So if you had a stressful day or you can’t settle down (or you binged too much Malam Seram, own up), pick an episode and drift off into dreamzzzzzzzzz…

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Remember, you can always get your fill of all these podcasts on the Spotify app, with our Spotify Add-on – 20GB of Data for just RM5 a month. Add it to next month’s plan and get listening now!