6 ways to stay on trend at home

August 4, 2021

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel fabulous and fashionable, right?

So if you’re up to refresh your wardrobe or try some new styles before unleashing your new look on the rest of the world, we’ve scoured the latest runway trends to help you out. This is what the experts (or the writers feverishly taking notes) have to say about it:

Mix it up


Spots? Great. Stripes? Cool. Spots and stripes? Wonderful! Mix up your prints and patterns to create a look that’s totally you.

One and done

unnamed 1

Then again, if you want to take the easy route out, we’re pleased to inform you that the one-piece outfit is also very much in style. That means dresses, jumpsuits and overalls of all kinds, customised however you please. Plus it cuts down on the amount of laundry you have to do.

Pleats please

Pleated bottoms are also in. Is it their interesting shape? Is it the way they move? All we know is, if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming Sailormoon or any of her friends, this is the trend for you.


Neon and on

unnamed 1 1

The world’s already grey enough – fashion shouldn’t be! Enhance your look with pops of bright colours. They’ll make you feel good and look brighter, too. So go ahead and make some highlighters jealous.

Go wide with pride

giphy 1

Wide leg jeans are also back. With their loose, relaxed fit, you can stay on trend without having your pants pinch you in twelve different places.

Just get comfy

Of course, these are all suggestions, and the best style is your own confidence. So if you’re up for it, take the time to experiment with new things, or enhance the look you’re already rocking.

giphy 2

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