6 ways to celebrate Merdeka at home

August 30, 2021

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Being stuck at home is no excuse to celebrate this important day in Malaysian history! So while most of us won’t be heading to Dataran to watch the parade any time soon, we’ve come up with a few ways you can still make your Merdeka a festive one:

Fly flags


If you have a Jalur Gemilang, put it up and let it fly. And while you’re at it, look out for any other flags around your neighbourhood: white for houses in need of immediate assistance, red for pet owners who need help buying pet food.

Show off your colours of Malaysia


Got some traditional clothing you like? Wear it. Something in the colours of our flag? Wear it. Harimau Malaya jersey? Heck, wear that, too! We’re giving some away courtesy of Yoodo Belanja. Find out more at this link.

Watch some classic local flicks together-gether


Whether your definition of classic is the Bujang Lapok universe, Sepet, Jagat, or Ola Bola, get friends and family together to watch a cool movie and discuss it after. Play it, stream it, or have an online watch party – it’s all up to you.

Do the Malaysian thing…and eat

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If there’s one thing Malaysians love other than making bad jokes and fighting our ASEAN neighbours over food…it’s the actual food. Make (or order) flag-themed foods like kuih lapis, decorative cookies, or even nasi lemak.

Layan all the cool Merdeka ads?

Merdeka ads are like keropok – you can’t just watch one. From the very jiwang to the funny and incisive, you’re sure to find a spot or short film that captures the way you feel about our country.

You should totally start with our latest one:

But if that still isn’t your cup of tea, maybe our next suggestion might be a better idea…

Join our Merdeka from Home contest

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We want to make sure your Merdeka and Malaysia Day are double plus nice on rice, so here’s your chance to win any of these prizes:

  • OSIM x uThrone Massage Gaming Chair
  • Bose Home Speaker 300
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 6GB + 128GB
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Boost Credit

All you have to do is order a free Yoodo SIM or port-in from another telco. Then spend RM20 on your Yoodo plan to qualify! Think of it as our way of easing the stress of staying indoors to stay safe.

OK, serious jap…

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Yes, sometimes weol can be serious too.

If our Merdeka video hit a bit too close to home…we know. Maybe you’re out of a job, or overworked and overstressed. Maybe you can’t work from home and everyday you’re taking that risk because otherwise, somebody doesn’t eat. Maybe you’re climbing the walls because there’s nobody to talk to, and the “haha I’m such a tired Millennial” jokes aren’t jokes any more.

We know. We know we’re all tired.

So we want to remind you: if you don’t feel OK, that’s OK. Please don’t keep silent! There is no shame in leaning on others to get by. We want to see you all safe and healthy when the pandemic is over. If you need help, please talk to friends/family or seek support from any of the following:

  • AWAM (016-2374221 / 016-2284221) 
  • Befrienders
  • Life Line Association Malaysia (011-31571495/016-7201495)
  • MERCY Malaysia (03-29359935)
  • MyCare COVID-19
  • Talian Kasih (Toll free 15999, Whatsapp 019-2615999)

Stay connected, Malaysia – not just because we’re your telco, but because we’re all social creatures and we need our communities. The only way we’ll make it through is with one another. Keep up the good fight!