5 Reasons Why Malaysians Love Yoodo

December 22, 2022

As diverse as we Malaysians are, we all stand united in our love for all things affordable, no-nonsense and ‘chillaxed’, just like a tasty serving of nasi lemak. There’s sambal for that extra ‘oomph’ and all the sides of our choice while still being cheaper than any other similarly sized meal.


Yoodo just so happens to be the nasi lemak of mobile plans – authentically local, customised perfectly to your taste and wallet-friendly – but please don’t eat us!


Instead, switch to us and join the countless other Malaysians that love doing it their way with Yoodo. Here are 5 awesome perks you’ll enjoy by making the switch:

Waste ZERO ringgit with customisation!


Not everyone uses their smartphone and data the same way. You might text far more than you call, or maybe you’re all about the data. Pre-set plans don’t care about your personal smartphone habits. Not only are you given a set quota for data, voice and SMS, you might also be paying extra for features you won’t use.

You can do it far better with Yoodo! A Yoodo plan lets you choose all the features you want, as well as your preferred data quantity, call minutes and SMS. You’ll enjoy exactly what you paid for, zero bill shocks guaranteed! Even better, you’ll have unmatched coverage by being on Malaysia’s largest 4G LTE network.

Personalise with Add-Ons!

Add-Ons are just like extra toppings on a nasi lemak, and come in all sorts of flavours to suit your individual taste. If you love binging videos or streaming live, there’s YouTube and Twitch Add-Ons so you can watch it all non-stop without worrying about crazy long buffering times.


If you’re an avid mobile gamer, the last thing you want is to disconnect mid-match and rage in ALL CAPS. Thankfully, there’s Add-Ons to keep you in gamer mode! From Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to PUBG Mobile, we’ve the dedicated data buckets you need for all the popular mobile games out there.


We didn’t forget about the social butterflies, of course. Grab a TikTok Add-On for hours upon hours of uninterrupted scrolling through trendy video shorts, or add a WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat Add-On to always stay in touch with your socials.


These Add-Ons allow you to truly personalise your mobile plan with high-speed data for specific apps you frequent. The best part? You can get these 20GB Add-Ons and top them up at any time from as low as RM1! 

Say goodbye to needless SMS!


Fun fact: 10 out of 10 people we surveyed do not use SMS at all. That’s literally everyone, yet pre-set mobile plans do NOT reflect this trend.

Pre-set plans often charge you based partially on an SMS quota you didn’t realise you even had. With Yoodo, you can put your SMS quota down to nothing then go back to your social chatting apps like the tech savvy person you are.


You can be sure that Yoodo’s customisation will always keep its users’ needs in mind! But speaking of user needs…

Change your plan when you want!


It sucks when your preferences change but your mobile plan doesn’t. The great news is that you can change your Yoodo plan whenever you have a change of heart. 


Did you suddenly stop being anti-social? Well, you can tweak your voice minutes or grab the Social Add-Ons you want accordingly. Taking a long break from mobile gaming to binge your favourite movies? Within minutes on the Yoodo App, you can easily opt out of your Gaming Add-Ons for the coming month and replace it with an AstroGo or VIU Add-On.


You could also grab Boosters for your favourite apps if you’re spending more time on them than you initially expected. So even if you want supper but all the mamaks are closed, at least you’ll get your data cravings satisfied no matter the hour!

Flexibility on a budget!


With economic inflation… well, inflating, budgeting our finances is key. At the same time, you’d probably want to maintain the convenience and connectivity of an effective mobile plan.


Yoodo lets you do both. If you’re looking for a telco that offers you the widest network in Malaysia, yet stays super affordable and flexible, it’s time to make the switch to Yoodo!


Convinced of how awesome Yoodo is? Get started with Yoodo now.