12 new K-pop things to layan

July 30, 2020

Whether you’ve been faithfully keeping up with your biases or just now dipping your toe into the massive K-wave, we’ve got 12 developments you absolutely need to feed your eyes and ears this month.

Blackpink’s single How You Like That


All right, yes, this didn’t happen in July, but it wouldn’t be proper to overlook a Guinness World Record holder, would it? The pre-release single for Blackpink’s debut Korean language album became the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, with over 324 million views the last time your writers took a peek. Good going, Blinks, and we’re all holding our breath for the full album!

ITZY’s comeback

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An apple a day keeps the antis away.

Five-strong girl group ITZY, known for their empowering lyrics and EDM-influenced tunes, is slated to make a comeback around end-July. While schedules are still being finalized, why not check out their first platinum hit Dalla Dalla?

Sunmi’s comeback

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This one’s not strictly a July entry either, but we know Sunmi’s fans have been waiting for her next move. After leaving Wonder Girls, she’s released a bunch of other bops including Gashina, Siren, and her latest single, pporappippam.

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After an approximately 6-month break, the boys are back with their eighth EP! Expect bright yet powerful vibes from every note, ushering in a summer like no other.

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Exo’s Sehun and Chanyeol have released a 9-song blend of hip-hop and R&B – and participated in the writing of every single one. Preorder it now or start streaming at the link above!

chungha play 8

The multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer and choreographer (whew) released Play earlier this month. If you’re in the mood for some Latin pop and reggae vibes, get ready to start playing it on repeat!

MONSTA X’s Live from Seoul with Luv concert

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Hang in there Monbebes, your idols are coming to you next month! But this month, we’re giving you a chance to score tickets to Live from Seoul with Luv AND exclusive Monsta X merchandise. Follow us on Twitter at @yoodomy to find out how!

ATEEZ’s comeback concert

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After bagging the Performance Award at 2019’s Soribada Best K-MUsic Awards and Best Korean Act at the MTV EMA Awards, ATEEZ is going strong! The band has posted on Youtube revealing their comeback concert AIR CON on 28th July together with the release of the title track on their fifth EP, ZERO: FEVER Part.1. The full EP drops 29 July 2020.

Eunji’s solo comeback

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Former member of Apink Eunji has released Simple, her fourth EP after 2018’s Hyehwa. It’s now available as a CD or digital download!

TWICE’s single Fanfare


The girl group’s 6th Japanese single was released on July 8, 2020, with two songs and two remixes of the title track. Check out the Fanfare MV online – we’re pretty sure it’ll bring a smile to any ONCE’s face!

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K-pop powerhouses BTS have also released their first full-length Japanese album since 2018. Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~. The 13-song album includes Your Eyes Tell, the theme for the new Japanese romance film of the same name (which is also a remake of the 2011 South Korean film Always).


Last but not least on our list: TREASURE, YG’s new boy group will debut in early August 2020. But the 12-man group has been posting preview videos on their official Youtube channel (plus the debut teaser we’ve linked above), so this is an excellent time to become one of their first die-hard fans. 😉

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