11 nego tips to get #whatyoowant

May 4, 2021

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Negotiation isn’t just for businesspeople and boardrooms. You negotiate in some way every day, whether you’re asking your parents to let you go to that sick concert, discussing a raise with your boss, buying a used car, or arguing with roommates about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. Again.


You wish your toilet troubles were this cute.

We asked our local experts what puts the ‘go’ in ‘nego’, and they gave us 11 tips you can start using right now so you can get what you want…or something much closer to it than if you’d gone in without this new knowledge

Aim for the win-win

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If you’re aiming to grab everything you want and crush your competition, leaving them weeping in the dust…we’re going to have to tell you to slow down, kawan. In a negotiation, you’re trying to find a solution that will leave everyone happy (or at least, not sad). A solution everyone likes will get you further than one where only you profit.

Preparation is power

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Do your homework! Study the issue from all angles so you understand

    • what you want, and what the other side wants
    • what are the possible outcomes of your negotiation
    • what are you willing to concede or compromise on
    • what are some alternative solutions you can propose if your ideal goal is not doable
    • which side has more power in the negotiation (unfortunately, that might not be you)

Having all this data on hand helps you come up with alternative solutions and see where the other side might be coming from. We’ll come back to this later.

You first

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You might have heard that if you start speaking first, it leaves you at a disadvantage. Not necessarily. Whoever goes first gets to set the base terms of that negotiation. You’re buying something? You start with a low price. Selling instead? Set a high price. Just like that, you get to set and control the tone of the discussion.

Know your own limits

Say you have a game collection you want to sell. You know what you have is in demand and in pretty good condition, too. Then a buyer comes along and they’re like:

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Obviously that’s not going to fly. Know (or rather, consciously decide) what your limits are on price, time, or effort made. This will weed out everyone who just wants to try luck/take advantage of you, and help you connect to people who are serious about making a deal.

People are not their problems

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You may end up having to negotiate with people you don’t like sometimes. Try to empathise with them all the same! Focus on your common goals, and do your best to ignore any personality differences. Don’t get emotionally caught-up while you’re trying to work things out.

Use active listening

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We all love to talk, and we all want to be heard. So get the other person on your side by letting them know you’re listening. Aim to listen 70% of the time and talk for the other 30%, and ask open-ended questions that will show you’re interested in learning more about the situation. Or you can try something different from talking…

Silence is golden

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Silence can be awkward. Use that to your advantage. If someone makes an offer you really want to refuse, let your silence speak for you. The other party will probably get nervous and try to fill that silence with more info or a counter offer. And that gives you more knowledge you can use to get a deal that’s right for both of you.

Give feedback calmly

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If a solution doesn’t work for you, it’s your right to speak up. But don’t blow up on the other side! Keep calm, focus on making things work for both sides, and ignore any bold and emotional responses you might receive. You can’t negotiate with your head on fire.

Mind your (body) language

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Be mindful of body language while you’re negotiating. Leaning in, making eye contact, and nodding are all signs you’re paying attention. Leaning away, slouching, or rolling your eyes are not! Look out for these signs in the other party and use them yourself as unspoken signals.

Ask for more…

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Note that we’re not saying ‘act desperate’. It never hurts to ask for more than what you really want. At best, the other side will say yes. At worst, the other side might negotiate you down to a more “reasonable” solution. You’re happy because you still get what you want. They’re happy because they feel like they got the advantage. Everyone’s happy!

…but be ready to walk away

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Of course, not all things go according to plan. Sometimes you just can’t reach an agreement that both parties can live with. In cases like these, don’t be afraid to put an end to the process and walk away. Most times, you have other options, and you can find solutions that work better for you.

All these tips will help you get what you want – but with Yoodo, there’s never a need to negotiate for #whatyoowant! 



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