10 budgeting tips to prep for 2020

October 26, 2019

We still have a little more time before 2020 hits, but Belanjawan 2020 is already here with extra perks to enjoy.


Just. Just don’t do this.

If you’re not one of the special groups receiving extra aid (or even if you are), there are still ways to beef up your personal budget and stretch your ringgit to the max! Here’s a list of tips from our team:

Balance money vs time costs

Beware – sometimes pinching pennies can turn out to be the more expensive option! After factoring in your planning, travel time and petrol, you might end up paying more at a faraway sale than if you shopped nearby at normal prices! When you make changes in your routine, balance the money you save against the time or other resources you might spend. You’ll be able to decide what’s truly worth the change!

Learn to cook

It’s a useful skill to have, at any rate. Cooking at home can be healthier, more affordable and even relieve stress. Who knows – you might also figure out a great new recipe and start the next big food truck franchise.

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Be a market-eer

If you’re not doing so already, start learning your way around your neighbourhood wet market. Sure, you might not get the fancy fancy imported stuff you’re used to seeing in the supermarket. But you’ll be buying fresh local produce, and if the chicken auntie likes your face, maybe she’ll give you an extra discount today. 

Take up thrifting

Learn the fine art of thrift shopping or upcycling! Vintage fashion is always coming back into style, and gently-used items can still have lots of life left in them. You’ll be helping the planet by cutting down on waste while also cutting down on shopping bills!

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Stream your entertainment

Save on the cinema tickets and watch your favourite movies at home or on the move with a streaming app. Plus with our Netflix/iflix addons, you get extra data just for streaming at a very reasonable price. Just sayin’.

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Shop in bulk

What’s better than one cheap thing? Ten of them! Get household items in bulk at wholesale stores, sales, or trade fairs. Better yet, team up with friends to buy an array of items, then divide them up afterwards.

Get fit in public

You don’t need a gym membership to get fit! Look for community classes or running and hiking groups to join. You get to meet new people (who will help motivate you to keep going), burn some calories and keep your wallet niiice and fat.

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Travel local

Put those passports away and set your sights on our 13 states and 3 federal territories! We’ve got tropical rainforests, beautiful beaches, rolling hills, art enclaves, shopping havens and so much more to explore.

Tabung time

We’re probably not going to be buying diamond rings and fancy bags any time soon *cough* but putting away a little at a time really can build up. Set aside small change or notes to invest/deposit with your bank later. You can even target specific denominations, like 20 sen coins or RM5 notes. It’s all up to what you can spare.

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